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Academic Policies

Regular Coursework

      Grade       Percentage

4.0 = A        90-100

3.0 = B          80-89

2.0 = C          70-79

1.0 = D          60-69

0.0 = F            0-59

Honors Coursework

      Grade       Percentage

4.5 = A        90-100

3.5 = B          80-89

2.5 = C          70-79

1.5 = D          60-69

0.0 = F            0-59

AP and DE Coursework

(Advanced Placement and

Dual Enrollment) 

       Grade       Percentage

5.0 = A        90-100

4.0 = B          80-89

3.0 = C          70-79

2.0 = D          60-69

0.0 = F            0-59


Teachers are available for extra help and tutoring at various times during the school day and the evening. Those students who wish to receive more than this may enroll for private tutoring. This is offered on a one-to-one basis and a charge is assessed as the teacher is compensated for this service.


Students in the elementary and middle school may expect an average of 30-45 minutes of total homework nightly. This does not include the 20 minutes of outside reading that is required. Students in the high school may expect a minimum of 60 minutes of homework. Those in Honors and AP level classes can expect more. We consider homework an important extension of the academic day designed to reinforce and maintain the skills learned in class and expect all students to complete the assigned work.


The Core Knowledge Curriculum is used for at least 50% of the elementary and middle school curriculum. Other recognized programs for science, mathematics, language arts and history supplement it. Electives in the elementary and middle school include, Chess, Spanish, French, Art, Chorus, Music Appreciation, Band, Journalism, and Computer Application.


The high school curriculum is designed to help young men and women develop thinking and writing skills and the capacity to handle intellectually complex problems throughout a lifetime. All courses are taught at the college-preparatory level and beyond. Honors and AP level classes are available in every core discipline. A curriculum guide is available which outlines all courses offered for the year.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parents are notified when there is a lapse or decline in student performance. Conferences are requested as needed by teachers. Parents are free to initiate contact with any or all of their child’s teachers. Conferences are scheduled when needed through the school office.

At Edison, a TEAM approach is used with all tasks. Students are made aware of the importance of time management skills. They are taught to evaluate all work for quality. Application of the skill is used to underscore the importance of knowing the material. Finally, feedback and encouragement is provided to keep all students motivated to complete a task successfully.

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