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Edison Academics

Our mission is to supply the guidance needed to develop our students into promising leaders of tomorrow. We ensure this by preparing, encouraging, and instilling in each of our students the 3 D's:

Desire needed to begin a task

Discipline required to continue the task

Determination necessary to successfully complete the task

Edison Academics, a non-profit 6th-12th grade private school. Edison does not discriminate against nationality or ethnicity. We understand that students from all walks of life should have the privilege of obtaining an education.

We’re founded upon the belief that every student brings unique talents to class that help brighten their education. The faculty is dedicated to the development of autonomous learning, interactive instruction, and producing different learning styles for each individual student.


The purpose of Edison Academics is to provide a setting where students with diverse interests and backgrounds can pursue their education. Edison provides students with the tools that will enhance their hard-work and determination.


Interested in learning more about Edison Academics? We invite you to keep exploring our website, and get in touch with questions about our values, academics, community and more. Thank you for your ongoing support!

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